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The KIN Jewellery Family
Kin Jewellery New Zealand

The Kin Story


At KIN, we hold FAMILY at our core, cherishing the moments that bind us together and crafting memories to last a lifetime.
As an independent, family-run online jewellery boutique, integrity and expertise are woven into every facet of our service. With a commitment to excellence, we meticulously select each piece, ensuring both quality and value, so that you can adorn yourself or your loved ones with timeless treasures without compromise.

Our journey began from a legacy of artistry and antique curation, spanning generations across the UK, Ireland, and the USA. For nearly two decades, our Cambridge, New Zealand-based endeavour has flourished, fuelled by the trust and satisfaction of our valued clientele.

At KIN, we honour the sentimentality of heirloom jewellery, recognising the profound privilege of safeguarding pieces that transcend time. Whether it's a cherished antique find or a bespoke creation, we believe in celebrating the stories behind each piece.











Our offerings extend beyond mere adornments; they are treasures to mark life's milestones, from bridal finery to commemorative gifts. With a range encompassing engagement rings, wedding and anniversary bands, luxurious large diamonds, classic tennis bracelets and necklaces and from cherished antique heirlooms to contemporary classics, we provide a kaleidoscope of options to suit every taste and occasion.

Additionally, our services include valuation, resizing, and personalised sourcing, ensuring that your experience with us is as seamless as it is satisfying. Tax-free shopping further enhances the value proposition, making luxury accessible without compromise.


Allow us to be your accomplice in crafting unforgettable moments. Whether you seek a piece steeped in history or a bespoke creation tailored to your vision, KIN is your trusted partner in curating cherished memories that span generations. Contact us today to embark on your voyage into the world of exquisite and unique jewellery.


Two Hands an engagement propsal

Kin. Ones family, friends and relations.
It's who our products are for, why we are in this business and what we believe is most important to us! 

Kin Jewellery Love Line Drawing
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