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Family Walk
Kin Jewellery New Zealand

The Kin Story


Here at KIN we are all about FAMILY! We believe in creating special moments with loved ones, moments to be remembered.


We are an independent honest and knowledgeable family run online jewellery store, dedicated to providing quality service and merchandise at very competitive prices. We seek quality pieces, buy right with an aim to pass on the savings to you. It is our goal that your visit here will always be unique and memorable. The success of our family business has been a direct result of the friendships we have built with each and every customer over the years and the trust they have in us.

Few gifts are as precious as a piece of jewellery that’s been especially chosen or created to be handed down from generation to generation. It’s a wonderful responsibility, to care for something that’s going to be part of your family for longer than you will existed on this earth. At Kin we believe that pieces like these should be honored and cherished.


We come from a long line of Artists and Antique dealers, therefore we source our pre-loved vintage and antique jewellery (or sparkly pieces of artwork) from our family run businesses based in the UK, Ireland and the USA.  We have been dealing in jewellery here in Cambridge, New Zealand for well over 15 years.  It started by selling on TradeMe and we have had huge success with hundreds of happy customers.  


We not only provide pre-loved heirlooms but give you an opportunity to create your own heirloom or memorable jewellery piece.  Perhaps a piece to say a special thank you or a keepsake for your bridesmaids to cherish…


We offer: 

Bridal Jewellery

Engagement Rings

Celebratory Rings

Eternity Rings 

Stacking Rings

Tennis Bracelets & Necklaces 

Heirlooms & Keepsakes

Antique Jewellery

Wedding Bands

Special Unique Gifts

Valuation & re-sizing services

Tax-Free Shopping 


Searching for a particular piece, old or new I'm sure we can source it and as always, at a great price!

Contact us here, tell us about what you are wanting or better still send us a picture. 

Kin. Ones family, friends and relations.
It's who our products are for, why we are in this business and what we believe is most important to us! 

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